Haiku – Morning Three Trees Autumn field

Golden leaves tremble

Three trees stand tall in dawn

Autumn paints the field.

Da Vinci AI (poet)

Autumns final work,

morning blue, clouds grey, soil black.

Three trees standing tall.

Storey Tarris UK & Da Vinci AI (poets)

Information about Haiku Poetry

  • Poetry does not require a verb in each line.
  • A haiku structure is 5,7,5.

Shadow Noon Brick

Copyright 2023 Storey Tarris UK
Noon sun casts its light

Shadows Dance on Brick Walls bright

Silent world takes flight.

Da Vinci AI

Noon sun casts its light
Look up, neighbour silhouettes
Curved lane, woman walking in shadows.

Storey Tarris UK &  Da Vinci AI

Project 2024

Now that I’m living in the fire swamp, I’m adding Salaterre.com back into my writing practice.

For the last couple of months, I’ve been writing Haiku’s with Leonardo Divinci AI. I will be adding my poetry and artwork about the fire swamp and commuting to London on Salaterre.com