December 22/2023 – Copyright – Storey Tarris UK – Memory Series

Collaboration between Storey Tarris UK & Emmy Horstkamp

Emmy Horstkamp and Storey Tarris UK are working together on a collaborative series of poetry and photographs. The series started on January 1, 2024 and focuses on a daily commute in the London area.

Storey Tarrris UK Commuter Series January 2024 ©️ Storey Tarris uk

Artist | Storey Tarris UK

Storey Tarris UK is an artist based in the fire swamp, UK

Main Art site: Storey Tarris UK

2023 Copyright Storey Tarris UK – Commuter Series 2023-

Writer |Emmy Horstkamp

Emmy Horstkamp is a writer living in the United Kingdom. Her main work is with Trefuly LTD and GoeswithJeans. Ms Horstkamp writes poetry and creative non-fiction in a literary memoir focused genre.

Emmy Horstkamp’s laptop. – Commuter Series by Storey Tarris UK | December 2023