New Version of Sink on Amazon

The new version of Sink titled Sink Version II is online. We made changes to the first sink and will be uploading an edited version of Sink : Poetry from the Fireswamp in May 2024. The new version of the first book SINK replaces all of the poems with a poem collage. The poems are in Sink Version II which will be the only book with the original poems. The series is now:

Sink: poems from the fireswamp (Being edited to be just artwork) Still online with unedited draft poems.

Sink Version II poems from the fireswamp, a book that has the edited poems and artwork.

Artist Note:

We kept the first book cover and are changing the interior of the book because of some information we read on amazon about editing the interior means we can change the content as long as their is not a drastic change in page number.

The artist Storey Tarris UK and writer Emmy Horstkamp, agreed that since the second version has all of the poems, they could make the first version just artwork using the words from the editing draft. This is an example of what the collages look like:

Collage by Storey Tarris UK of Emmy Horstkamp’s edited words

The collage above was created on April 26, 2024. It is a collage of Emmy Horstkamp’s words and the collage from the day before created by Storey Tarris UK. Storey has two versions of the collages which incorporated not only the book artwork but artwork from the day that She is experiencing when making the collage.

Storey decided to create the collages in this way which requires a timeframe of 8 weeks to make the collages which delays the art edit of the Sink the first book. We will be using the same cover, the only change is in the content of the inside.

The series of collages are called, Collage (day photo and one page of edited work) and The Day After (The collage from the day before and the collage from that day collaged together.). The two collage series will be used inside the red book cover showing train doors. The book of poetry with words is inside the train platform cover.

We unpublished the first version of Sink and will be adding it back on as a collage book in May 2024.

Project Update April 2024

We made some changes in April to our book series so we are editing SINK. 

While editing book II, working title RAGs,  we realised we forgot to do the word count on the poems in book I.

After checking the word count for each poem, we decided to take out the full stops and with the full stops some capital letters and font sizes that were too small or too big.

The images for book one stay the same, but we are moving some pages around and may add one or two images. 

We are keeping the books in A4 format.

Working on book II and making editing changes to book I

SINK – Poetry from the Fire Swamp is published

Fox Raven published the Storey Tarris UK & Emmy Horstkamp Poetry book entitled Sink – Poetry from the Fire Swamp on March 31, 2024 The collaborators are working on Book 2.

Publication Error

There are two errors in the formatting of the book. Storey Tarris UK will stamp the errors with her date stamp and sign the book. If you are in the London area, she will meet with you on Monday / Tuesdays. If you request a meeting for date stamping, the stamped book will be photographed and added to the Storey Tarris UK memoir series.

We do not have a location for you to send the book for stamping at the moment. There is a possibility for date stamping by mail starting in September 2024.

January 16/2024 Poem Collaboration

Waiting room opens
fifteen minutes to go.
Cold hands, hang on gloves.
by Emmy Horstkamp 16/1/2024
Walking on Steel.
Walking on Cast Iron.
Walking on Concrete.
Walking past black shoes.
by Emmy Horstkamp 16/1/2024
Walking black shoes rapping.
Walking black boots, muffled, stifled.
Walking black sneakers reviewing Iron & Steel.
by Emmy Horstkamp 16/1/2024

Storeyean Poem – Land of thoughts – from Fox Raven Press

Storeyean poem inspired by poems from Day 16/1/2024

Draft: Morning Stamping | Storeyean Poem | January 4 | 2024| Emmy Horstkamp

8 - Morning stamping drives days update recording thoughts - modernising.
7- Making known so many clues— tip offs.
6- Objections and protestations of demurred disputes.
5. Modernize your grievances - injustices blasting.
4- Opportunity damaged - wrongly rumbled.
3- Reported Hoo-ha pain.
2- Earned rap.
2-Update jacket,
3- verified record sleeve,
4- environmental wrapper electrified 24/7.
5- noncontributory marking time- watching vaguely.
6- Amending on edge waiting a nod.
7 Telling hopeful and anxious set- hands free.
8- Extinguished expectations of at fingertips inline trust.

Draft: Storeyean Poetry | Something Dark Fades | January 2| 2024 | SE 7| Emmy Horstkamp |

8 - Imply something as morning darkness echo fades.
7 - No longer seeing speculations - glass showing everyday.
6 - Nagging tug at my eyes, eye-sight.
5 - object-orientated, your selfish desire stopped,
4- Narrated life, abandoned detente 
3 - Obligation eradicated full-stop 
2 - Naïveté tortured.
1 -  nave-me 
2 - Obedient, racketed,
43 - tete a tete 
3- Yakkety-Yak yap at, 
5 - Obsessed circle of observable axis,
6- udometer set like film covered…adulterated.
7- Radial distance set at world somewhere far.
8- Something implied. Now work days forever passing for existence. 

Emmy Horstkamp 02/01/24 SE7