Conversations / February 7 2024

Informal eight Commute
full of noise and bikes;
Looselipped conversations.

by Emmy Horstkamp

This morning, I commuted to work three hours later than usual. The crowd at the later time is different. The commuters sat together and talked during the trip, a little like the early afternoon commute.

They talked about work and other things which happened the day before or that day. I heard their words while standing near a bunch of foldable bikes. Someone was talking about the bikes and saying that if the queen stood next to a bike, the person might lose the bike if she stood by a bike, the bike could possibly be hers. So if the queen was standing like I was next to his or her bike, the owner of the bike would have to wait to see if the queen walked off the train with the bike or asked him to assemble the bike and then rode off on it.

I realised after hearing this conversation that there is a little bit of risk owning things in the United Kingdom. People of the Aristocracy or the Monarchy could ruin your commuter day by just liking your bike and inferring that they want it.

I promise the universe that if I want a second bike, I will go to the store and buy it. I will never take a bike away from someone except in an emergency, and then I would pay you for it. Promise.

No crying eyes ok.

Waves / February 6 / 2024

Maybe it’s raining.
The wind blowing at the office building,
“Water damage,” said the guard.

by Emmy Horstkamp

The waves from the Thames
Pigeons fluffed on the walkway
Cobblestone bypass.

by Emmy Horstkamp

The poems above were written while walking to an office along the Thames.  The walk between one office space and another took me past the Tate where a group of birds were sleeping on the onramp to the bridge.  I walked as quietly as I could around them. The group of twenty fluffled their feathers but did not walk or fly away.

This area of London is quiet before eight and I walked to London Bridge without having to stop.

Say it / January 26 / 2024 /

Say it Gale gust.
Bike weather delayed now
wind and rain pounding the train.

by Emmy Horstkamp 26/1/2024
Storey Tarris UK – Commuter Series 2024 – January 26, 2024

This morning the walk to the station was a moment between gales. Reaching the platform, the rain gusts threw rain horizantal and soaked only half of the platform. There were a few people sitting on benches, a few people standing in the rain and a few standing on the other side of the platform which stayed dry.

The poems for today focus on the rain starting and stopping with the wind.

-Look right-
Streaming rain against the windows.
The train is faster than the rain.

by Emmy Horstkamp 26/1/20024
Full-moon-set illuminating  the morning for split-seconds.
Three minute deluges stopping a moment.
The beginnning of a simple day dry.

by Emmy Horstkamp 26/1/2024


Turn up the soundwaves.
Half-toned tellings nothing.
Inked HA-HA eight hours hauled.

by Emmy Horstkamp
Artwork from Storey Tarris UK – Commuter Series January 25, 2024 ©️ Storey Tarris UK

Start my Day / January 23 / 2024/

Start my Day

Heater begins to warm.
Sitting on the train, I will not be late.
Start my day - My Job - Today.

by Emmy Horstkamp 23/1/2024

Storey Tarris UK Commuter Series 2024 – ©️ StoreyTarris UK

January 23, 2024

Today I woke up an hour before I had to be on the train. The time I start my day is important only to me. I am not on someone else’s timeclock. I start my day early to take photos on an empty train and to get to my workspace before the chatter of coffee breaks begin.

Today, at 700 there was coffee chattter… the first time in two months. I’m not sure what happened to bring all those people into the workspace on a Tuesday. I missed the usual quiet work morning as people spoke nearby. I did not get my usual few hours of work before other people crawled their way into my mind.

I wrote the above poem this morning. Below are the two poems that inspired it.

My day or I will be late.   5 more minutes.
My morning or I will be the only one.  OK.
My job on time - This is a breeze.  OK.

by Emmy Horstkamp 23/1/24
Heater begins to warm,
Sitting on the train, I will not be late
Starting my day - my job - today.

by Emmy Horstkamp 23/1/24

The third and first poem I wrote is:

The time starts my day,
not the only one early,
the breeze starts it's day.

by Emmy Horstkamp 23/1/24

Each morning, I write small short poems in three different books and then use these poems as inspiration for my longer Storeyean poem.

The longer poem for today is about my commute and the words surrounding me at the office space. Some words from the above poems are used in the longer poem but, all four poems say different things about my morning in the UK.

Forged Footing / January 18, 2024

Poem – Forged Footing

Strong lights casting attention on polished wood & steel.
Forged footings set for embarkation,
entrant to the commute on Stand-by.
The onset of Thursday set for seven bats-of-an-eye.

by Emmy Horstkamp 18/1/2024
Three poems by Emmy Horstkamp inspired by this Storey Tarris UK commuter Series image. Image ©️ Storey Tarris uk

January 16/2024 Poem Collaboration

Waiting room opens
fifteen minutes to go.
Cold hands, hang on gloves.
by Emmy Horstkamp 16/1/2024
Walking on Steel.
Walking on Cast Iron.
Walking on Concrete.
Walking past black shoes.
by Emmy Horstkamp 16/1/2024
Walking black shoes rapping.
Walking black boots, muffled, stifled.
Walking black sneakers reviewing Iron & Steel.
by Emmy Horstkamp 16/1/2024

Storeyean Poem – Land of thoughts – from Fox Raven Press

Storeyean poem inspired by poems from Day 16/1/2024