Collaboration Notes

Dr. Emmy Horstkamp and Storey Tarris UK are taking a break until September 2024.   Storey Tarris shares photographs with Salaterre but for the rest of July and August, she will be writing and sharing photographs on her blog while Dr. Horstkamp works on a collage prose style to be used for the rest of 2024.

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Collaboration Notes June 25, 2024

Emmy Horstkamp has another course to take and Storey will be traveling through Europe. The two have decided to use their Collage book as part of the series. The book has been published in digital form and will be printed in the Salaterre series.

The collaboration of poems and photographs will start again after the European holiday season.

Collaboration Notes – June 2024

Emmy Horstkamp has an exam to take in June so Storey Tarris and Emmy Horstkamp are taking one month off from the collaboration. The Collage they created during that time period will be used in the series. Poetry and Photography will continue after June 25, 2024.

The series will change a bit from July 2024. Storey will be traveling for a few months so the images used for the collaboration series will no longer focus on the Fire Swamp. The poetry will continue to be based on a morning commute. Since Storey will be traveling and there are no definite plans, the images used will be curated after her return to the UK for the next book in the series.

Emmy Horstkamp and Storey Tarris UK Release Book 3 RAGs

The third book in the collaboration is now online. The book is available in paperback and in Kindle format.

The artists made a change to their work style and decided to edit SINK to make SINK version II so they could collage SINK. RAGs is shorter than expected because of this editorial change. Instead of 12 weeks, the book includes 6.5 weeks.

The collaged version of SINK will be online in June 2024. Here is an image of what the collaged version of SINK will look like:

SINK collaged with RAGs April 2024 Salaterre collaboration. Collage by Storey Tarris UK