Out in the Crowd / March 4 / 2024

Out in the crowd - Look, take a chance, go.
Moments passing, life alarms and black birds overhead.
A mist rising, doors closing, sun beams relaying.
Monday started.
Evaporating with morning, spring arrives
Year's week nine.
Commuter Series – Storey Tarris UK – March 4, 2024 – Monday

Between the Two / February 20 / 2024

Buildings on standby - archiving by brick and colour.
Life to 47 passes by -what happened in 48.
How long do I have bricklayer?
My photos archive the bricks and colours
Will you let me write down on paper,
The story facades of today?
Storey Tarris UK photograph for commuter series 20/2/2024

Looking for Monday / February 12 / 2024

Architecture from someplace or another elsewhere.
Cracks between the clouds,
five to seven everyone is there waiting,
everything stayed,for something.

Moments ceased over the weekenders, paused, sitting tight, lying low.
Now, holding phones, looking for Monday morning's push.

By Emmy Horstkamp 12/2/2024

This morning I wrote four poems. The poem above is from the longer Storeyean poem.

Because my commute was longer, I left some of the calendars at home and decided to write those poems in my regular notebook. All of the photographs for the poems will be printed on stamped later in the week.

Today transformed into a sunny day.

Say it / January 26 / 2024 /

Say it Gale gust.
Bike weather delayed now
wind and rain pounding the train.

by Emmy Horstkamp 26/1/2024
Storey Tarris UK – Commuter Series 2024 – January 26, 2024

This morning the walk to the station was a moment between gales. Reaching the platform, the rain gusts threw rain horizantal and soaked only half of the platform. There were a few people sitting on benches, a few people standing in the rain and a few standing on the other side of the platform which stayed dry.

The poems for today focus on the rain starting and stopping with the wind.

-Look right-
Streaming rain against the windows.
The train is faster than the rain.

by Emmy Horstkamp 26/1/20024
Full-moon-set illuminating  the morning for split-seconds.
Three minute deluges stopping a moment.
The beginnning of a simple day dry.

by Emmy Horstkamp 26/1/2024

Mixed Bag / January 22 / 2024

Mixed bag morning train,
commuters to local stops and King's cross.
Notions of quiet perceived and acquired.
Editing the day as it happens / transpires / presents itself.

by Emmy Horstkamp 22/1/2024
Storey Tarris UK Commuter Series – January 22, 20024 ©️ StoreyTarrisUK