Retake Day February 17 / 2024

Negotiating nothing new.
Crossing neither with badges or ribbons.
Years entwined rolling in digital space.
Heading to puzzle town, no hesitations.

by Emmy Horstkamp 17/2/2024
Commuter Series 17/2/2024

The collaboration photos and poems are written daily and will be available in 2025 as a book published by FoxRavenPress.  

The above poem was written from a longer Storeyean poem. Four poems were written today based on a daily commute between two locations.

Storm Gusts / Poem / January 24, 2024

Windy walk today.
Puddles marking platform,
gusts in air fading.

by Emmy Horstkamp 24/1/2024
First train arrives on time.
Storm gusts blowing,
marking griffin appears,
guarding commuters - invaluable on rainy days.

by Emmy Horstkamp 24/1/2024
Griffins Appear Guarding Commuters – Commuter Series – January 24, 2024 – Storey Tarris UK ©️ StoreyTarrisUK