| Put An Ad on Yourself | Salaterre | 200 Word Count | |Morning 459 |

First Draft of first 200 words:

Deal criticises pact on schedule. 


Contract between journalists between “secret I don’t think, I know,” formed the stage to abandon.

The schedule will see ROME actively change by 6000. Feeling confident, the company warned each worker to start looking, to retain their best. 

Another hot rethink worried logistics. Resignations cost. “Get out altogether,” has a signing bonus of 48%. 

Experience suffered and the long-term staff advanced an exaggerated number keeping 38%. 

“Workers risk paying to survive – partly because vendors of Atlantic “desperate to exploit” end a model working to force a harder face-to-face.”

Alexandra looked once.  “The suspect hired.” she said.  Now scraped clean, the office met the necessary workplace formality for a new company.  

Trying to transition while trapped convinced her that some major detail in the office started the stark and isolating pingdemic. 

“A welcome bonus on returning home. Offering staff that joined a bonus – 1,116,454.” 

“Logistics and hospitality advertised vacancies to customers but the extra cost and account shortages split the programme Pingdemic challenges go back.. “ he said.