Say it / January 26 / 2024 /

Say it Gale gust.
Bike weather delayed now
wind and rain pounding the train.

by Emmy Horstkamp 26/1/2024
Storey Tarris UK – Commuter Series 2024 – January 26, 2024

This morning the walk to the station was a moment between gales. Reaching the platform, the rain gusts threw rain horizantal and soaked only half of the platform. There were a few people sitting on benches, a few people standing in the rain and a few standing on the other side of the platform which stayed dry.

The poems for today focus on the rain starting and stopping with the wind.

-Look right-
Streaming rain against the windows.
The train is faster than the rain.

by Emmy Horstkamp 26/1/20024
Full-moon-set illuminating  the morning for split-seconds.
Three minute deluges stopping a moment.
The beginnning of a simple day dry.

by Emmy Horstkamp 26/1/2024