Haiku | December 31 | 2023 | Emmy Horstkamp |

See six  lights forward.
One small light to the back -dim…Blackness waiting for nothing.
  Emmy Horstkamp 31/12/2023
Avoiding puddles,
Voice. Misted words still walking-
path covered with boughs.
  Emmy Horstkamp 31/12/2023 SE7
Rainwater flowing,
under bridge now flooded full.
Tardy water dripping.
  Emmy Horstkamp 31/12/2023 SE7
Morning puddles filled.
Willow branch fallen free.
Swaying green branches.
   Emmy Horstkamp 31/12/23 SE7

Haiku – Morning Three Trees Autumn field

Golden leaves tremble

Three trees stand tall in dawn

Autumn paints the field.

Da Vinci AI (poet)

Autumns final work,

morning blue, clouds grey, soil black.

Three trees standing tall.

Storey Tarris UK & Da Vinci AI (poets)

Information about Haiku Poetry

  • Poetry does not require a verb in each line.
  • A haiku structure is 5,7,5.